Real Estates For Sale On Kangaroo Island

What is important to you?

Lynne Savage believes in asking and not telling……… meaning that she wants to know what is important to you when selling real estate.

In the real estate world, it is all too common that salespeople TELL you what they are going to do for you, how good they are, how many sales they have made, how long they have been in the business etc. Lynne does not do this. She wants to know all about you……… what services do you expect when selling – e.g. do you want an update every week or only once a month? Do you prefer a phone call or is your preferred contact method via email? Do you want to proof read the marketing material?

Whatever qualities you want in a real estate salesperson, Lynne will provide. We are all different, and as such, desire different priorities when selling or buying property.
Either way, whether you wish to sell or are looking to purchase on the Island, Lynne believes that communication is the key to a successful and rewarding experience during any real estate transaction.

Experience the difference…………call Lynne direct on 0437 825 911.

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