217 Flea Castle Road + 93 Flea Castle Road, Nepean Bay

Approx 400 acres with 1.5klm of absolute water front
Simply a brilliant opportunity. A generous mix of undulating grazing country and KI Heritage listed scrub, this property has 2 dams and several building sites which take in views of the sea, the deserted beach of "Redbanks" and the twinkling lights of Kingscote at night. […]

81 Min Oil Road, Nepean Bay (SOLD)

Little House on the Prairie
Built of Red Cedar which has been lovingly maintained, this romantic country home, complete with gorgeous picket fence, is just 1 minute from the main Hog Bay Road. With easy 5 minute access to the airport, 15 minutes to Kingscote and just 20 minutes to the ferry, the location […]