About Us

Lynne-SavageKangaroo Island – My first love

Lynne Savage always knew that with a family history of people falling in love with KI as far back as the 1930’s that she would live here one day.  It took many decades for her dream to come true but if you work hard enough to make your dreams become a goal, it will become a reality.Originally Lynne planned to retire on KI but then found she couldn’t wait that long!  Then the idea was to create a branch office of her Adelaide-based real estate Business “Home and Away Real Estate”.  In late 2013 she found the water front land at Bay of Shoals that would become her home.  Looking to the future, the idea of a brand name for KI real estate imbedded itself into her mind.  Amazingly the name Kangaroo Island Real Estate was not taken and so the name became part of the Magic of Lynne’s journey to find her niche.

A Real Estate Career

Combining her love of KI with her passion to help people move on with their lives Lynne now says she really does have it all and is living her own dream!  After 30 years in real estate, working for most of the large franchise groups (both in SA & QLD) , operating her own business for 13 years in Adelaide, together with 8 years of training at the Real Estate Institute of SA and being a member of the Board of Directors at REISA as well, she is indeed ‘qualified’ to take on the KI marketplace.

The Team

Lynne is the sole Director of the business and is ably assisted by Bob and Val Watson who she met through one of her previous clients.  Thanks to Wendy Gallery for the introduction.  When not running around KI with clients, Lynne loves to spend time of deserted beaches walking her dogs,  strolling around her paddocks with her miniature donkeys and cooking and entertaining friends.  She is also heavily involved with the American River RIG Project and is a regular volunteer at the KI Tourist Centre in Penneshaw. Read more about Bob and Val here.

The Office

Currently there is no street-shop office but display boards in Kingscote, American River and Penneshaw promote all current listings. Once her dream home is completed, there will be a home office at Summervista Boulevard, Bay of Shoals.